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Centennial Souvenirs

(This page courtesy of the Class of '62)

This page will be dedicated to various items related to the Centennial Celebration that are available for purchase.  We will include instructions on how to order and, if applicable, who to contact.

Centennial Legacy Series DVD
Share the Centennial Legacy Series with your friends and family.  DVD's of the first two Centennial Legacy Series are on sale; 100 years of Excellence of History, Architecture & Trost, and 100 years of Excellence in Sports.    DVD's are $10 each, and all proceeds go back to El Paso High School.  Please contact Lee Schwartz to order your DVD's, friedalee@aol.com or 915.526.2250.


Our fight song is now available on ITunes for download for $1.29.  A portion of the fee goes to the EPHS Alumni Association (contact Anna Mares at annamares@aol.com) and to the School Beautification Project run by EPHS Friends and Exes (contact Sandy Aaronson at sandyaaronson@gmail.com).  Go to ITunes and search EPHS Fight Song.   I use it as my ringtone and really look forward to people calling me so I can let the high school memories come flooding back every time my phone rings.  You can also download the Fight Song to your Android Device by following the instructions in the following link:


So let's go, Tigers, and get your phones to playing our Fight Song and sing along  "For when we're on the field of battle...."  You'll love it!


We are selling baseball caps to help defray the cost of the Classes of the 60’s Party scheduled during the EPHS Centennial Celebration in October, 2016 (For the schedule, click on the tab labeled “Centennial” on the EPHS Class of 62 Website).  These caps are really special and have an embroidered rendering of the front of the School with the letters EPHS.  See the picture below.  On the back are the embroidered dates “1916 – 2016”.

The caps are $20.00 each (add $5.00 if you want shipping).   For more information and to order, contact Betty Ann Seiler at bettyannseiler@gmail.com or by phone at (915) 584-1030.  She will be accepting checks or cash only – no credit cards at this time.  These are high quality caps and I bought one as soon as I saw them.  The more we sell, the lower the cost to attend the Party.


3.  Special Edition Centennial Commemorative Mini Helmet •

Here's a chance to get a little piece of the El Paso High School Centennial Celebration Year and at the same time contribute to the uniqueness of theCentennial.  The El Paso High School Class of 1984, in conjunction with the EPHS Alumni Association, is sponsoring the Special Edition El Paso High Tigers Centennial Year Mini Football Helmets pictured above.  All  profits from the sale of these replicas of the official 2016 Season Tigers Football Helmets are devoted to the Class of 1984 Football Uniform Fundraiser. Tigers Football for the 2016 season will have unique uniforms (including the helmet design) which the Class of 1984 is helping to fund with your purchase of these special edition mini helmets.

The football helmets, actual and mini versions, display the art which appears on each EPHS Centennial Commemorative Tile (artwork courtesy of the El Paso High Tigers Friends & Exes).  The price for each Special Edition El Paso High Tigers Centannial Year Mini Football Helmet is $40.  Order on-line from Morse Sports, or, in El Paso, go to the Morse Sports store at 112 S. Stanton (phone: 915-533-2746).  The store is downtown, between San Antonio and Overland Avenues, next to the old Gateway Hotel building.

New EPHS Spirit Product for The Centennial Celebration Year •

Soccer fans will recognize this newly debuted product to commemorate the EPHS Centennial Celebration Year 2016:  a traditional knit orange and black striped muffler.  This one proclaims "VIVA LA HIGH 1916-2016" with "RAH! RAH! RAH" at the fringe on one side and "100 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE" and an EPHS Pride tiger paw on the other side.

The mufflers (or scarves if you prefer), are five-feet in length, made of easy care polyester yarn.  The text and design features are woven, not printed, into the muffler, so the features are long lasting. 

The vendor is David "Tiger" Lujan (Class of 1994) who is the father of a current Senior son at EPHS and has been a strong, spirited supporter of EPHS for two decades.  This project arose when Lujan was asked to help finance the EPHS 2016 JROTC Military Ball which has been held for several years in the school cafeteria. Because it is to be the Centennial Celebration Year, the JROTC would like to hold their annual ball in a party hall to give the occasion a special flair.  Lujan decided to design and sell a soccer style scarf and the image above is the result.  The price for the custom muffler is $20 each with an additional surcharge of $5 for each muffler if it is to be shipped to purchasers outside of El Paso. Expect three to four weeks for delivery, so an immediate order may still arrive before Christmas. 

To order the Centennial Scarf, contact David Lujan by E-MAIL tigerloko0@gmail.com or PHONE him at 915-276-9169