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Cruise Pictures and Video

Video of our Reunion Cruise 2024
Be sure to read the overview of the reunion before you look at this video, especially if you were not on the cruise.  The overview in the Menu on the left side of the page, under 2024 Reunion cruise and is titled "Cruise Recap".  It details what we did and where we went in a cronological order along with pictures of the excursions and some of the entertainment.
This next video contains many pictues, videos and views on the ship and many classmate pictures but they are not necessarily in cronogical order. This is a complilation of pictures taken by our classmates as they generally went on different excursions, explored places on this huge ship and ate in various places during the day, etc.
Enjoy - Click on the video below to get started.  For best results view in full page mode  or click on theYouTube link.