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Remember El Paso

Posted July 26, 2021:
Sadly, another El Paso landmark known nationwide is closing down. All the Haddads involved with H & H went to El Paso High at one time or another. 
This venerable El Paso icon at 701 E. Yandell Drive was established in 1958 by Najib Haddad, who wanted to have an ice-cream shop at the car wash. He sold ice-cream sundaes, burgers and plates of tacos, but he eventually became tired of the business and leased the space for many years. In 1985, his son Kenneth Haddad took over and made H & H what it is today. "The space was vacant for a few months, and it was sad to see it like that," he said. "And I had envisioned a place like this. What I didn't realize was how recognized and famous we would become." H&H Car Wash and Coffee Shop has been recognized across the Southwest as a must-stop for visitors to El Paso. Texas Monthly added the restaurant to its "Bucket List" of places to visit in Texas before you die.
Click here to watch the video - Don't miss it!  H & H Carwash and Coffee Shop
The current owner, Maynard Haddad, confirmed to the El Paso Times that H & H is going out of business tomorrow.


Click the link below to see lots of pictures from El Paso and Juarez.  It's about 22 minutes long so sit back and enjoy.

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