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Class Gift

We Did it!  They are here!  They are installed!

The Class Gift Concrete Tables and Benches!


On Monday, March 5 the Class of ’61 gift to El Paso High School was delivered and installed.  The principal portion of our gift consists of two precast concrete outdoor tables, each with two benches.  The foundation for the tables and access ramp leading from the library building and cafeteria to the area overlooking R.R. Jones Stadium was also part of our gift. 

The cost of the project was just under $8,000 and fully funded by the generous contributions of our classmates listed below.  The process for the project, from its inception to its completion, took over seven months.  We extend our sincerest thanks to Linda Troncoso, EPHS Alumni Association president, for her commitment in securing the necessary approvals from the EPISD and the Landmark Commission which is responsible for preserving the historical integrity of the school.  Thanks also to the Class Gift committee (Irene Jimenez Branson, Dianne Irvin Doan, Judy Haddad, Paul Krupp and Jerry Rubin) for their tireless efforts in seeing the project through to completion. A special thanks to Mr. Rich Williams of River Oaks Properties for volunteering his expertise in coordinating the site work, foundation construction and delivery of the tables and benches.


It is our hope that future gifts to the school will add additional tables and benches to the area.  The venue itself is a beautiful, placid setting with an exceptional view of our school as well as downtown El Paso and the surrounding area including northern Mexico.   All alumni residing in El Paso should make an effort to go by and see our gift and if you’re from out of town, on your next visit to El Paso, be sure to go take a look.  As members of the Class of ’61, we should all take pride in this wonderful addition to our school and its commemoration of our successful and memorable 50th reunion in October.  Further information is available on the EPHS alumni site https://www.ephsalumniassoc.com/


We would like to say "Thank You!" to the following class members who have contributed to this fund. 

Thank You!  

Ashmore, Rucker
Beinhorn, Sarah
Bernat, Juli
Blanco, Humberto
Briones, David
Campos, Linda
Carroll, Michael
Casas, Jorge
Chapman, Jack
Crombie, Kaysie
Crowell, Dede
Crowson, Penny
David, Susan
Davila, Irma
De La Torre, Charlane
Drotman, Bob
Emmett, Marilyn
Epstein, Sandy
Fagelman, Rita
Ford, Richard
Franco, Josephine Teresa
Geck, Roberta (Sally)
Gonzalez, Mila
Guinn, Kate
Gutierrez, Lupe
Haddad, Judy
Hastie, Betty
Hessler, Judith Margaret
Homan, Bonnie
Hoover, Jo Ann
Hovious, Rob
Irvin, Dianne
Isaac, John
Jauncey, John
Jett, Richard C.
Jimenez, Irene
Joseph, Jill
Kahn, Pat
Kendall, Nancy
Kipnis, Alan (Kip)
Krupp, Paul E
Lucke, Gary M
Lynch, Vinita Joan
Lynde, Tom
Maddox, Bobby
Mann, Terri
Martinez, Henry
Martinez, Mick
McAfee, Sara Jane
McNutt, Gail
Menacker, Sandra
Molina, Salvador (Sal)
Moreno, Rome
Morgan, Eileen
Neumann, Jack
Odell, Frances "Francie" Lea
Palm, John
Parnell, Janet
Passon, Gail
Paul, Peggy
Peinado, George
Persing, Jim
Rey, Alice
Roberts, Ben
Rodsky, Terry
Rogers, Stevie
Rubin, Jerry
Ruiz, Rosario
Schulz, Nancy
Skevington, Kay
Smith, Vin
Sorenson, S. Eric
Spicer, Penny
Steele, Martha (Tita)
Tovar, Dolores
Ulin, Linda
Vallejo, Alice
Villa, Carlos
Vinikoff, Itta
Wade, Robert
Warren, Tom
Wieland, Mike
Young, Max